– A total of 45 people have reportedly made an official report to the police who accused the famous Turkish painter Adnan Oktar or Harun Yahya for sexual crimes.

Reported by Daily News, Wednesday (18/7/2018), a total of 45 who reported it to the police. 17 of them are children.

While 15 others claimed to be abused when they were aged 11-17 years.

Reports on Oktar are also called coming from abroad. Hurriyet mentioned there are at least six countries. The reports abroad were received by the Turkish Embassy in each country.

One of the children has been reported to be a victim of abuse after being brought into Oktar’s group by his mother. The boy was 11 years old when abuse occurred.

Local authorities have initiated legal action against the boy’s mother. The identity of the mother is not revealed to the public.

Oktar himself has been detained by police since 11 July. He has been long sought by the Istanbul Police Department for Financial Crimes Department.