– Iran has reportedly arrested dozens of people in the country linked to photo uploads on social media that are considered immoral.

Quoted from the Independent on Wednesday (18/7/2018), The interim report that about 40 people have been arrested by the relevant authorities. Eight of them are women.

The IRNA news agency reported, the arrest is located in Bandar Abbas Harbor City or 630 miles south of Tehran.

In addition to the celebrities Instagram or better known as the program, also captured those who work in photography, beauty salon, until the wedding business.

They have been charged with being considered immoral for uploading photos and videos in social media, especially Instagram.

Earlier in early July 2018, the Iranian authorities arrested Maedeh Hojabri, an 18-year-old who has more than 88,000 followers. Hojabri was arrested for a dancing video he uploaded.

This action is said by local police officials to violate the norms and culture in Iran.