– A man in Turkey has been tried and sentenced to 15 years for kissing his daughter’s lips.

Reported by Daily News on Wednesday (18/07/2018), he was arrested after his ex-wife or mother of the child reported it.

According to the media, the man had separated from his wife in December last year.

The custody of their two sons, who are both female, fell into the mother’s hands. The identity of this man and his ex-wife was not revealed to the public.

The incident started when one of their 11-year-old daughters asked her father for help with homework. On March 9th, the boy called his father and asked him to come to the house. This phone call is made after obtaining permission from the mother.

But after the boy’s father came home, he told his mother that he kissed his father’s lips.

This confession made her mother report her ex-husband to the police on criminal charges.

“I called my dad to come to our house He kissed me on the lips and I felt bad He also kissed me on my lips when I slept with him in my aunt’s house It was not a long kiss When I responded angrily he gave know me that I am his son, “the girl told the police.

Unlike the mother, the child just defended his father. He says if the hugs and kisses that his father gave was a hug of affection between his parents and his son.