– A convicted murderer in Texas, United States (US) will remain in execute even though the victim’s family reportedly have forgiven him.

Quoted from Reuters on Tuesday (17/07/2018), the victim’s family reportedly has requested that the perpetrator be forgiven his life.

The prisoner is known to be named Chistopher Young (34) who will be executing death by injecting dead today in Huntsville Prison.

Young was sentenced to death for murdering a shopkeeper named Hasmukh Patel in 2004. The killings occurred in a robbery at a victim’s grocery store in San Antonio, Texas.

If so executed, Young will be the 13th convict in the US who injected death this year.

For the state of Texas, Young will be the 553th convicted person who was executed since the death sentence was reinstated in the state in 1976.

Texas is listed as the most committed US state in execution. Throughout this year, seven convicted executions have been executed in Texas.