– A woman is reported to have been raped by two men. After raping her, the perpetrator then burns her body and is thrown away.

Quoted from AFP, Tuesday (07/17/2018), Both perpetrators have reportedly been arrested by the local police.

In the case of Uttar Pradesh, five perpetrators took turns raping the victim after breaking into the victim’s house on Saturday (14/7). Only two people were arrested and three others still hunted.

The local police chief, Radhey Mohan Bhardwaj, said that three other actors were still in police pursuit.

“Two suspects were arrested in the neighboring district on Monday (16/7) morning and we are still looking for the rest,” he said.

After being raped in turns, the victim was dragged to a local temple and burned to death. The identity of the victim was not revealed to the public, but mentioned he was 35 years old and was the mother of two children.

While the perpetrators referred to as members of the victim’s family and came from the same region. A preliminary investigation showed the perpetrators felt ‘upset’ after the victim met another man.