– An 11 year old girl was reportedly raped by 17 men in India for weeks.

Reported from AFP on Tuesday (17/7/2018), the victim is known to be deaf raped within the apartment block in the city of Chennai.

The arrest of 17 men again highlighted the horrific sexual crimes rampant in India. Local police said that there were a number of apartment security officers, then plumbers and elevator operators among the arrested suspects.

Police report, One man known to be 66 years old is the main perpetrator of the sexual crime has been arrested.

The 66-year-old man allegedly invited a number of other men, who called each other recording their lecherous acts against the victim. When the rape occurred, the victim was given an injection of anesthetic as well as a mixed soda drug.

“This is still a preliminary investigation and we still have to go through it to find out the details,” said a police official.

In the same report, the victim was reportedly taken to various locations in the apartment to be raped by men in turn.

This case has been handled by the local police and invited a big reaction in the Indian community.